Little Christmas Wreath

I quilled a Christmas wreath last year which I framed it up as a gift for my supervisor. This year, I quilled another wreath, but a lot simpler and smaller - measuring around 2.5" in diameter. I added hemp strings to the wreath to give it some country feel. I'm bring it to the local Christmas bazaar this weekend, as a decoration for my booth. Yes, I'm gonna take part in my first ever bazaar! It is a very last minute decision as I'm really busy with my research life currently.... but yep I'm joining! I'm sharing booth with another crafter and will mostly be selling quilling supplies, and a few quilled cards perhaps. I'm hoping to introduce quilling to more people. Wish me luck!


  1. lovely wreath.l liked the quilling.All the best for your booth at bazaar !

  2. Sooo beautiful!Also love the bells and the way the entire work looks!
    Brave decision, going at the Christmas fair. I wasn`t ready for this, didn`t have enough products.

    Maybe next year.

    1. Anca, I'm selling mostly quilling supplies, only a few quilling cards, and am sharing the booth with another friend, so not that 'stressful' (but ya still a lot of prep work to do..) If I could make the decision earlier, then could have prepared better. Anyhow, I just want to introduce our local community to the art of quilling. ^^

  3. Lovely wreath...Good luck, Lulu!!

  4. i'm new to quilling and you helped me fall in love with the craft more :) i could only visit your booth, i'll buy quilling tools. i'm having a difficult time finding the rest of the tools in our country. anyway, have fun in the bazaar and wish you all the best!


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