Quilled Umbrella

I have been busy with thesis writing lately, quilling only to break away from the writing, and accepting only minimal customer orders. Here's a recent card I made - a customer order for a girl who turns 18. I was given the freedom to design, with an only requirement -pastel colours. And I happened to come across a nice stamped card on Pinterest, which I love a lot, so I decided to make a simplified quilled version. (p/s: Just curious how many of you also find your inspiration from Pinterest?)

Here's the pinned photo

 Here's my quilled version - I've made some adaptations

Side view
 And the inner part - a pop up '18'

And here's another piece of quilling to share - quilled family. I have always loved 'The Setka Family by Cheryl of A Paper  Life. So many things happened lately that I feel family support is very important. Family keeps us going and I'm thankful for having family members who really care for me. I'll try my very best to provide support too, to be a good family member.

And some exciting news to share - I have just recently decided to become a member of the quilling guild! Yay!!!!! I really enjoy quilling and hope to spread the love for quilling too. Our quilling with the community project using shredded recycled strips at the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre has also been featured on the guild's members only blog. Another Yay! Find out more about the Quilling Guild here http://quilling-guild.weebly.com/index.html

Till then, good day!


  1. thanks for the little plug of my Setka Family. I really really like your version...you've inspired me to update my version. Yours is ADORABLE.

  2. Oh and your umbrella is super super cute too

  3. such a lovely adaptation of the pinterest card and love the 'family; too...
    pl see my take on the recycled magazine strip quilling here

  4. The umbrella card is lovely and I loved the inner pop-up ! Loved the cute little family too !

  5. Love the soft sweet colour of the umbrella. Pretty neat too!

  6. cute card, love the quiling and the family is adorable !!!!

  7. thanks all for your kind comments!

  8. These are adorable Lulu, I love your ideas, you have a knack of making the simplest things look so phenomenal!! Its your brilliant mind for sure!!

  9. This is so lovely... Unfortunately I came to know about you after I left Sarawak...


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