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I'm accredited!

Yay, I'm now an accredited quiller with the UK quilling guild! (Find out more about the accreditation scheme here). Words fail to describe how delighted I was when I received the confirmation email from Genevieve (the accreditation officer) few days ago. I told a friend of mine - 'it feels very much like when one's research manuscript is being accepted for publication by a reputable journal'. I'm not exaggerating, I certainly felt so.
This year is my forth year being a member of the UK Quilling Guild. Since I teach and demo the art of quilling to our local community, I thought of challenging myself a step further. Thus I applied to attempt for the basic accreditation scheme November last year. Shortly after that, I received a few documents from the accreditation officer which include a letter stating my candidate number (to be used throughout the assessment as a precaution for anonymity), a note on accreditation criteria, a grid for quilling techniques sampler and…

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