A note on quilling letters/monogram

A fellow quiller and reader of my humble blog sent me an email few days ago asking for tips to improve her quilled lettering after seeing my previous work - quilled 'Love'. Honestly, I'm still in the process of learning but I don't mind sharing some of the information that I gathered from the web regarding quilled lettering.

The first quilled monogram tutorial that I came across is the quilled H by Kara. (p/s: It seems that her website server is down at the moment). In the tutorial, Kara demonstrated the steps from selecting a font type to quilling the monogram. I built my 'LOVE' piece from this tutorial. It is a very useful tutorial for beginners who wish to learn how to quill monograms/lettering. (Alternatively, you could read up the tutorial written by Pritesh HERE)

When working with monograms or letters, the 'on-edge' paper lettering is sometimes a hurdle for beginners. I normally use a light weight cardstock (cut into strips) for the 'on-edge' design, to create sort of a 'frame' for the letters before filling them up with coils. Another way is to glue two strips of quilling paper together to give better support like what Ann Martin from All Things Paper did in her quilled Valentine. In the post, Ann kindly listed many useful tips for quilling letters. 

Another note on quilled lettering is the adhesive used. Choose adhesive that dries clear and fast, like PVA glue. PVA glue of different brands will vary in the degree of water added. Some more watery, some more tacky. You'll need to experiment with them to find the most suitable one. My personal preference is the more tacky one when it comes to on-edge design. In that way, I don't have to hold the paper strips down for long, waiting for the glue to dry. I normally used my needle tool to apply the adhesive to the paper strips. You may use a toothpick too. Some people prefer applying adhesives to the 'outline' of the letters, before sticking the strips down. A pair of curved tweezers will come in handy when working with on edge design.

As for the background that you used for attaching the letters down, choose cardstock instead of text print paper. Cardstocks hold the quilling better and they don't warp that much when adhesives are applied. And try to avoid paper with glossy finishing or has 'shining' surface as it will take longer for the adhesives to dry and bind the paper strips to the background.

If you have any useful tips or personal preference regarding quilled monogram/lettering, please do share with me. Till then, hope this helps. 


  1. This helps a lot - thanks for gathering so many tips!

  2. Hi Lulu. Thanks for the post. I have started quilling recently and find your post very useful. Please visit my blog and let me know how you like it. Your feedback/suggestions will help me a great deal to improve my skills.



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