A card a day - baby, wedding, thank you and father's day cards.

I decided to challenge myself to some card makings in the month of June. I tried to make a card a day, or every alternate day, not limiting  myself to quilling only, but also trying out other card making techniques. I feel like pushing myself out of my comfort zone, to try out working with pattern papers, or brads or dies or stamps etc. Also I try to challenge myself to try colour palettes or sketches that I don't normally feel comfortable to work with.

Here are some of the experimental cards thus far:

Pattern paper + sketch + quilling

Pattern paper + die cutting + sketch

Pattern paper + sketch + quilling

Pattern paper + quilling + distress inking

Stamping + CAS

Pattern paper + die cutting + sketch + quilling

I like some of the cards better than the others, but the purpose of the challenge is not to produce only pretty cards. It is meant to explore different techniques and push myself out of my comfort zone. So I treat them as experiments. There's no right or wrong, just more effective or less attractive. Gonna squeeze my creative juice harder!


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