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How did I find out about Quilling?

I was actually thinking of doing some crafts or art stuffs in July 2011 to stimulate my right brain a bit (too much labwork and data analysis make me a little too left brain oriented). Initially it was clay art that came into mind. But I couldn't locate anyone giving clay art lessons at the place that I stay, and so I turned to a local bookstore to look for craft books on clay art. It was then that I came across a card making book with the words 捲紙 -Chinese words, which literally translates to 'coiling paper' . I was fascinated by the colourful coils of different sizes and shapes. Furthermore the craft didn't seem as difficult as clay art on first glance. So, the following few days I searched online for 捲紙,which I later found out to be 'Quilling'.

However, the more I searched online, the more I realised that I've underestimated its potential. To me, quilling is not only a 'craft' but also an 'art'. It is a craft in the sense that everyone can pick it up as long as you have interest. But it takes more than just interest to come out with great and wonderful quilling works called 'art'. I kept saying 'awe' and 'oooh' and 'wah' when I saw other quillers' work in books and on the web. And my idol is none other than Yulia Brodskaya. You could check out her work at

My messy work table

One thing I like about quilling is that it is relatively cheaper in terms of materials and tools yet many impressive and interesting patterns and designs could be created. It is also quite a self-learning friendly craft. I am a self-taught quiller. I learn most of the stuffs by researching through quilling books (yes, I have a small collection of them), tutorials on YouTube or from reading other quillers' blogs or websites.

quilling class

teaching quilling at a baby shower party

Besides quilling for hobby, I'm also selling some quilling greeting cards and artwork, as well as supplies online under the name Paper N Quill Crafts. I am a proud member of the UK Quilling Guild since June 2013 and am an accredited quiller with the guild. I teach quilling to beginners both young and old at local quilling classes, workshops or during public demo. I also do private tuition and events. Sometimes, I do take part in local craft bazaars. I try my best to introduce the art of quilling to our local community whenever I get the opportunity. Last year, I gave a talk about quilling at our local Pecha Kucha event.
Let's roll - at Pecha Kucha Kuching Vol 3
I'm currently writing an online column for a website The website is targeting Chinese speaking readers globally and my column is about paper art. You can read all my articles here at 不纸如此. Apart from that, you can also follow me on FB and Instagram: papernquill to get my latest updates.

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