Reversed rose

I made a card for my husband on our wedding anniversary to go with the laptop bag I gave him. I wanted the card to complement the gift but with a touch of 'softness', so I chose blue colour and metal brads, and also made a quilled rose using the technique called "reversed rose".

I first came across these "reverse roses" from Motoko Nakatani's Instagram.

After admiring the beauty of these roses for weeks, I finally got to sit down and experiment a bit with these roses. I have no idea how the roses are made as there are no instructions or info about it online, so I just experimented based on my interpretation of the photos.

Here's my first few attempts (clock wise starting from the beige and lastly the purple).

Basically, I used two strips to make each rose. The strips were placed side by side. I started off by making a small coil - like the usual rolling except you have two strips glued together on one end. This becomes the center of the rose. Then I used my fingers to loop and wrap the strips around the small coil - the action is kind of similar to how you perform alternate side looping, just that it goes round and round to form a coil, and the looping has to go to and fro to achieve the look of the petals of roses. I applied dabs of glue here and there in between to prevent the roses from disseminating.
Reverse roses alongside vortex coils and regular coils.

I personally feel that using two strips of different colours, one darker one lighter, give better contrast to the petals of the roses. Also, for the anniversary card, I added some irregular wheatears and shaped marquises to give the rose a more realistic view.  (Up close details of the rose can be seen on my IG here.)

If you have a different way of doing it, or any better idea of doing this, please feel free to drop me a comment!


  1. I love the way your roses look! Thanks for explaining how to make them.


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