Make time for practice

I remembered reading from Maria Li Kamel's quilling book (Chinese) that she recommends quilling practice everyday, for 30 minutes, even though you are not working on any project, so that you don't lost the 'feel' of it.  I had to say I agree with her totally. As the saying goes 'practice makes perfect', it is always good to practice (but I personally feel practice doesn't necessarily make perfect but it does make improvement)

In reality, however, sometimes we are too occupied with daily tasks that 30 minutes of quilling a day might seem a luxury to many of us. I haven't been using a needle tool to roll my strips for quite some time (have been doing on edge quilling and also just using slotted tool) so I decided to give it a go yesterday and I found out that my fingers have forgotten how to waltz with the needle.

back to basics
So I made a resolution for 2017, to do a bit of quilling practice every alternate day, even if it's just for 5-10 minutes, starting from yesterday. Wish me perseverance in keeping to this goal!

By the way, I saw many interesting and outstanding Valentine's Day artwork on social media this month but too bad I myself didn't have time for any project as I'm busy preparing for the new semester that start end of February. I'm doing a part time lecture job at a local private university, apart from my usual tuition job. Still, I managed to make a few simple tags for my colleagues at our tuition center, attached to some chocolates to brighten up their day.

I'm looking forward to March already!


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