Happy Year of Rooster

Can't believe that it has been almost a year since I last blogged here. Really sorry for the long silence and absence over here but if you do follow me on Insta (papernquill), you'll notice that I have been exploring and posting quite regularly over there.

Apart from my daily jobs, I am also actively involved in promoting quilling and paper crafts since 2016. I picked up calligraphy and Zentangle too. And of course, looking after my boy who will turn 3 this year, and those fatty succulents that I grow. I started writing for a column in a Chinese website myeasymoment.com to introduce about paper art and craft. So it's a brand new challenge for myself too.

For 2017, I shall begin with my latest work: a rooster.

The rooster is designed as a combination of both picture and Chinese word "雞”. It's possible because Chinese characters are hieroglyphics. I spent about 3 days making this piece, starting from sketching the design to putting the strips in place. It was rather challenging as there are a lot of strokes, bents and curves in the word itself.

I myself was pretty satisfied with the outcome, so I thought why not turned it into a Chinese New Year greeting card. I decided to just snap a photo and create a reprint of the original quilling work to save time as the lunar new year was just around the corner. A graphic designer friend of mine saw the piece and was interested with the idea so we cooperated it as our personal project. Once the design was finalised, we began to print it out and sent them to our friends and customers.

What started as an experimental project turned out well received among our friends. I was even invited to go live on a local radio station and the card was also featured on a local newspaper.  

Last but not least, since it's the 10th day of the lunar new year, I wish everyone a happy and auspicious year ahead!


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