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I've finally submitted my thesis to the examiners! While waiting for them to evaluate my work, I have months of free time until I need to worry about my thesis defence, and so I can start experimenting with quilling again!

Firstly, vortex coils! Introduced by Australian quiller Licia Politis. Finally, I get to experiment and practice on how to do it. I love the look of vortex coils especially when it comes to the square shape. Those bigger coils on the left are vortex coils while those smaller ones on the right are normal coils. (for the sake of comparison)

Here's a Hari Raya card I made last month using vortex coils for the 'ketumpat' - a traditional Malay food made of rice and wrapped in leaves.

On another random project, I made a simple owl card. The inspiration of the owl actually came from a fabric owl key chain pouch my best friend gave me as souvenir from her Bangkok trip. This is my second quilled owl. I made another quilled owl version years back when I just started quilling.  
Owl inspired by key chain pouch
A grad owl made in 2011
The following wedding bells are part of a trifold card. It's a customer order which I've promised to not reveal. The order was placed sometime in April and finally it was completed and posted out to customer earlier this month. It will be brought to New Zealand to congratulate a couple on their R.O.M. The main quilling piece is of course not these bells. I was requested to sort of 'merge' 2 zodiac signs into a single quilling design. Quite challenging but it turned out nicely and the customer was happy with it.

And here's another card adapted from a card design in the book "New concept in paper quilling". I love the Kraft card look, with the paper bag element. Instead of using punched flowers as the original design, I made fringed flowers. (Hmm, maybe I'll write a review of all the quilling books that I keep in my collection someday, when I have the energy to do it. Hahaha!)  

And last but not least, a cute card for a boy's 1 year old birthday. I don't feel like repeating myself by quilling foot prints, or baby or rocking horse, so instead I came out with this - a boy flying an airplane. I started by sketching the outline of a cartoon version of airplane, and then filling it with quilled shapes. It might not be fantastic, but I think at least it's cartoon-ish. Haha!


  1. Very pretty quilling!
    The vortex coils looks great!
    Greetings from Chile

  2. Very Pretty cards!!!!
    Greetings from Chile!!


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