Nov - Dec Recap

November and December had been very happening for me. Besides the painstaking thesis writing process and making a few customers' orders in between, I conducted 2 quilling classes, 1 workshop and initiated our first ever quillers-get-together in town.

Here are some photos...
From our kids' school holiday classes - working with corrugated/board strips.

 And adult beginner class

 Quilling workshop for children at a local learning centre.

 And our first ever quillers meet up.

 Cards we made for exchange
 And food of course!
I made Christmas wreaths last 2 years but this year I only managed to make a simple quick wreath. (I wrote the tutorial HERE).  
And with these three cute monsters created by my 5-7 year-old students, I wish everyone a merry and blessed Christmas! Happy holiday!  


  1. Hi Lulu, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  2. So many beautiful memories! It surely looks like everybody had a lot of fun in your quilling classes! :)

    Happy Holidays, Lulu!

  3. Lulu, You are the happiest quiller I suggest, such rich and full of happenings time :)
    The octopus and other creatures are sooooo nice&fun!
    Kate from ArtLife


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