My craftroom has been invaded by minions! 
Here's Stuart
 Here's Tom
 Oh... we found banana!
Minions sunbathing

And this song inspires me to make them, enjoy!


  1. Ha! What a coincident! I've also quilled minions.

    These minions are really cute and funny! They made me laugh!

    1. Yea they make me laugh too! I can't stop smiling when I made them. But they are really time consuming. Wonder how your version of minions will look like. I'm always amazed by creations of others 'how come I never think of this?'. Hahaha!

  2. AMAZING! They are so adorable in Despicable me! Your version is cuter, me thinks! ;)

  3. Wow ! These are super cute n amazing QUilling !

  4. Oh if they make you laugh and you have an iPad you should download the Minion Run game...I've never laughed so much at a silly game in my life!

    Love you're quilled little guys! I may have to give those a try too!


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