Quill quill quill

Alright, this is going to be a little lengthy post as I have 3 things to share.

I have always wanted to try quill a camera like what Sandy of The Sweet Spot does (you can check out her range of colourful cameras on her blog or her etsy shop). And so I finally did. I quilled a simple card, with a black camera on it for my brother's birthday. He's a photographer, and the quilled version is based on his real Nikon, though simplified.

Can you see the 'protruded' camera lens?

No. 2
My cousin wanted to handmade a special gift for his friend's house-warming party, so he came to me (yes, a 'he') asking if I could help him quill something. So we discussed and I came up with this idea to set the scene as seen in the cartoon 'up'. He suggested some typography quilling to incorporate the name of the couple. And so after about an afternoon and a night, we came up with this (we haven't added the strings that hold the balloons)
My cousin did most of the actual quilling and gluing, I only helped with the ideas, tips and techniques, and of course quilling a little so that he can get it ready on-time. Can you believe he's a first time quiller?  

I have been invited by Sarawak Biodiversity Centre to their Biodiversity Day this weekend. I'll have a booth selling my quilling supplies (+ some handmade cards), display some of my work, and most importantly to teach public quilling using re-purposed magazine strips. The staffs of the center had created an amazing big quilled tree as centerpiece of our booth using shredded catalog book paper strips. I'll get to see it in person this weekend. Don't worry, I'll snap a few shots and show you guys then. Meanwhile, here's some of the 'recycling or re-purposing' projects that we'll work on.


  1. Very nice work. They're beautiful.

  2. Fabulous cards !I loved the camera a lot and he house withe balloons superb idea !Last but not the least awesome recycling !

  3. can't wait to see the big quilled tree...love the 'up' house warming gift. Amazing for a first time quiller.

  4. Very nice work!!!!! I just loved the idea of house warming gift!

  5. The camera is cute! Love the idea of "up", love the vibrant colour - very cheerful. The recycling project is awesome. Wish I am in Kuching! :o(

  6. cute camera and lovely colours. all are beautiful

  7. like the camera, and you and your cousin did an awesome job on the card, quilling with magazine is great idea for recycling, the flower is pretty !!!!
    good luck !!!!

  8. I love your designs, they look so elegant and the camera has come out perfectly.

  9. beautiful nicely done!
    fine Pentecost
    Greetings Baukje

  10. Great work, Lulu - I especially like number 2! Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog.


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