Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrated my Valentine's Day with hubby at home. Made him a simple card and cooked him dinner (I'm kindergarten level in cooking, so it's a BIG thing if I cook).
For the sunshine in my life - he is always there for me.

Pan-fried potato pizza

Chicken with lemon sauce


  1. very nice card,never heard of that type of pizza
    Happy Valentines to you and yoour hubby!!

    1. Paula, I found the recipe online. The base of the pizza is shredded potato. First pan fried the potato slices until they kind of 'stick' together, then add the toppings + cheese and bake in oven.

  2. what a beautiful creation I love your work!
    Greetings Baukje

  3. You are soo cute! I love your work ..! Your hubby is a lucky man ...dinner and a beautiful card ...I consider myself an experienced cook and baker ...if you need any tips feel free to message me ...I just started quilling Feb this year. I'm hooked ..!!! I'm practicing all the different techniques now and I plan to put out my.first piece by April ...Soo excited! !! Thanks for the inspiration.


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