Happy Chinese New Year - Lotus and Goldfish!

We will be celebrating lunar new year this Sunday. So I made a simple card with typical Chinese motifs - lotus and fish (莲鱼图). The lotus flowers or 'lian' in Mandarin has similar pronunciation with 'nian' (年) which means 'year'. The fish is pronounced as 'yee' which is similar to another word 余 (means 'in abundance'). So the lotus flowers are often seen drawn together with fish, to wish someone 年年有余 ‘nian nian you yee' which means abundance in everything every year.

Usually the lotus flowers go with Koi fish, but here I quilled two goldfish - one red, one orangey. The lotus was hand-drawn with gold colour marker pen.

Wishing everyone abundance of health, happiness and prosperity in the year of Snake!


  1. Wishing you too a Happy Chinese new Year.I loved the cute quilled gold fish !

  2. Very happy chinese new year...Nice card, Lulu!

  3. Happy Chinese New Year! Love the little gold fish! They are so, so cute!

  4. very beautiful ! love the cute gold fish !:)

  5. WOw this is great. Very simple yet so beautiful. I love your quilling.


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