Some Cards

Some of the custom order cards I made in the past few weeks.

Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one.
~ Friedrich Halm ~

A traditional Chinese wedding card. The verse in Mandarin translated by Bernhard Karlgren:
In death or life (we are) separated and far apart;
With you I made an agreement:
I grasped your hand,
Together with you I was to grow old.

Did you notice the small ‘Gucci' tag?
This is a challenging one. My customer requested a cat. My first atttempt turned out to look a bit like pig mainly because of the colour of strips I chosen. Now this one looks okay. A lady cat for a female recipient.

And my quilled Christmas Cards together with another card maker's got featured in our local Chinese newspaper. Though not a big thing, but I'm happy.


  1. The tree and presents are quilled so perfectly
    Dr Sonia

  2. Wow! Very nice especially the traditional chinese couple. Their huge wiggley eyes make it so cartoon! Your stamping work is so neat...I suck big time!

    1. I like your wedding couple too. They are very cute!

  3. Wow...congrats on feature! And the cards are soooooooo lovely!!!

  4. Well done, Lulu - you're on a roll! I especially like the wedding card.

  5. Loved all of them ! The one with kids faces is so cute !

  6. congrats, it is a big thing having your work posted in the paper, your cards are lovely !!!


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