First Time Joining a Bazaar

I took part in a 2-day Christmas bazaar last weekend. It was an entirely new experience for me, not to mention that I couldn't sleep well days before the bazaar because I was worrying too much. Anyhow, it turned out alright. I sold some of my supplies, and also most of my handmade quilling cards (I didn't do a lot, only 1 copy per design, as it was a last minute decision to take part in the bazaar).
My booth display on Day 1 - I shared the booth with a friend selling washi tapes

I also had fun at the bazaar, meeting some local crafter friends, and making new friends. The best thing is I get to demo quilling to people who dropped by at our booth, and interact with them. Normally they would think quilling is a difficult craft and answered 'oh, I don't have the talent or patience to do this...' But then after I demo rolling the strips with the slotted tool, and showed them my basic quilling shapes, some actually bought the tools and paper strips to give it a try. I also found out that besides myself, there are also others selling quilling crafts. There was one booth that sold cute 3D quilling dolls and the response was so good.
My display on Day 2
This is the booth right opposite our booth, selling handmade headbands and accessories, I like their clean display
Bought this from the The Rolling Panda - the booth next to our right
This is really yummy!
Bought some craft stuffs for myself. I bought the cute bookmark from my neighbouring booth - Poco Handmade. She makes pretty and cute stocking dolls.

Love this handmade bag so much!
Gifts of friendship from my booth partner and neighbours!
You can view some of the Christmas cards I made HERE.


  1. WOw...loved ur cards so much, Lulu!

  2. That's a cute display. I hope you don't mind but I pinned it to my craft fair board, but only for display inspiration, and I gave your site credit. I'm hoping one day to have the courage to do a fair.

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for liking my display. Yes, you should give it a try some day. It's an exciting experience. Good luck with your future undertakings!

  3. Well done Lulu! Great cards ...

  4. I love you beautiful work!
    have a good weekend!


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