Quilling Hunting in Hanoi - part 2

As promised earlier, here comes part two.

I have written a quick post about a company called 'Sun & Moon' earlier this year (HERE), and the company address indicates 'Hanoi'. When I knew I would be visiting Hanoi later, I kept in mind to make visiting the address one of my priorities. I had no idea whether it's a shoplot, or a factory. All I had is only an address and a phone number as listed on the website. After satisfying my stomach and walking around the old streets of the old quarters, looking for quilling items (but unsuccessful), hubby and I decided to pay a visit to the address. We took the advice to take a cab as our hotel receptionist told us it's outside the old quarter (about 3km away), and we might face difficulty asking for directions as most Vietnamese don't speak English. Our hotel helped us by calling up a reliable taxi service, communicated the address and off we go!
This is how the shop looks like from the outside
Inside the shop - it actually looks like an art gallery.
I came across 2 workers at the back of the gallery. Initially I thought they were quilling so I went closer to have a look but found out that they were just packaging some of the boxes. The good thing about them is that they did not come forward to stand beside me when I was in the shop browsing through and savoring the quilling work. I was left alone in peace, with occasional disturbance of the camera shots coming from my hubby. They only responded to assisting me when I asked about the price of certain items (but still not leaving their seats at the back of the shop). The shop displays mostly framed wall hangings, of 3 typical sizes and a selection of other interesting stuffs.

And now, let the pictures do the talking...

greeting cards
Can you guess what are these? Wooden boxes for you to put your name cards/ business cards.
And wooden tissue boxes embellished with quilling. Mostly of repeating shapes. p/s: please ignore me there.
Framed quilling pieces of medium size. Mostly about the old streets or scenery of Vietnam. Uses 1-1.5mm closed coils which are pinched into typically slender marquise.
These are another series of medium size quilling with more complicated designs.

Typography is also quite common in their quilling. The character on the left means 'longevity' in Chinese, the one in the middel means 'heart'. (By the way, Vietnam was once under the rule of China)
This is a quilling piece of large size. The frame width is at least 60cm (or perhaps more).
And some close ups

The famous one pillar pagoda of Hanoi
Instead of coils, this piece uses more stand on the edge free scrolls, which is consider relatively rare (but not uncommon) in Vietnamese quilling.
Very fine quilling work.
Stay tuned for my next post!
p/s: click on each of the photos if you need a better look on the artwork.


  1. Wow ! These jaw dropping quilled creations !! Lucky you to have had the chance to view them from so close !

  2. Wonderful..thanks for sharing the photo..

  3. It's all so amazing. I think I would have been giddy too!

  4. Lulu!!!! Thanks much for sharing these adorable collection...lucky U to see it in person...Hope u wont have heart to move out of the shop at all... :)

  5. I was wondering if they are still not crediting other quillers work such as Yulia's, as you mentioned in a previous post. Also are they copying other people's designs?

    1. Bronwyn, when I was there, I did not see any quilling design similar to Yulia's or other quillers' ( to the best of my knowledge). Most of the quilling artwork are original as they portraits Vietnamese folk art, culture and scenery. I think they only use pictures of Yulia on the website front page as attraction but if you click into the 'gallery' webpage, you can see their own original quill work.

  6. your work looks gorgeous as always
    thanks for the sweet comlimentjes
    Greetings Baukje

    1. hi Baukje, these works are not mine but of a quilling company from Hanoi, Vietnam. but I agree with you that they are gorgeous!


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