Quilling Hunting in Hanoi

I just got back from vacation in Hanoi, Vietnam. Having heard about Vietnamese quilling from a friend who had been to Vietnam and read about it from Ann Martin's blog quite sometime ago (and also from Miyyah recently), I included 'quilling hunting' as my priority activity during my Hanoi trip. I will share about the shops that sell those wonderful quilling art in my next few posts, but first let me show you the quilling pieces that I brought back.

The following is a piece that I think well represent Hanoi
Quilled Framed Art of Vietnamese Woman
I really saw a lot of these Vietnamese ladies on the streets of the old quarter, selling flowers, fruits, vegetables, local food Pho (Vietnamese noodles) etc. I think the artwork captures the 'essence' of Vietnam.
Quilled Parrot Box bought from Hanoi Night Market
Quilled wood veneer bookmark
A quilled basket, everything made of paper except the bead embellishments
3D doggie - it's very solid when you press it, I suspect the use of clay inside as support
Except for the basket that utilises 3mm paper strips, the rest of the quill pieces use strips of about 1mm to 1.5mm wide, and pinched marquise is the most common shape found. The coils are usually long and slender, just like the Vietnamese people.

Tadaa! My collection of Vietnamese Quilling.


  1. Whoa! Very nice. Love the cards - Lotus and chrysumthemum.

    1. yes, i love those flowers too. very delicate.

  2. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!Sure to inspire many quillers there...Thank u Lulu for sharing...

    1. hope you enjoy the post. thanks for your kind comments too!

  3. Lovely work! I'm glad you had the chance to travel there and I look forward to reading your future posts about the shops.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. really fascinating.People in Vietnam seem to be natural quillers and for me using such thin strips seems incredible.

  5. beautiful I love it and nice colors!
    Greetings Baukje

  6. The quilling of these people are unique. I hope you have no objections in me sharing it with friends on face book


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