I know a little girl, who is so young and innocent, diagnosed with cancer, and need to undergo chemo. Yet small and little she may seem, she has great courage, she fights the disease with a smiling face. I salute her, and pray that she will win the battle, for I know she'll bring sunshine into others' lives many many years to come.

I made this angel for that brave little girl in her favourite colour. I hope the angel will take good care of her.

When you think life is too hard on you, and feel like you wanna give up, think of those who have suffered cancer and yet still fighting it bravely every single day. And that is a reason to keep you fighting too.


  1. Wonderful Angel !The good wishes accompanying the angel make it more special !

  2. And I admire your charitable and thoughtfulness to quill her an angel in keeping her smile despite of the challenge she has to face. Ia msure it's something she will not soon forget.

  3. You are so special and good person! I will pray for the little girl and I hope the adorable angel will cheer her up! God help us all!


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