Happy Book

I am a book person. I love books. And it was book that first lead me to quilling.

This is my first ever handmade book. I cut the papers, stitched the signatures and did the cover myself. I don't have the proper supplies, so I used ordinary needle and cotton thread to sew the paper together. I'm not even sure whether my stitch is 'right' as I just stitched it based on my memory after watching a few youtube videos.

I stamped the Hero Arts 'Happy' definition on the cover before adding a white flower. The book is about the size of my palm, with about 20+ blank paper sheets. I know there's too much room for improvement, but at the moment I'm pretty happy with my book. I'm such a bookworm!


  1. Sweet flower and congrats for being a book lover! This is rare nowadays! Everybody,almost, love the PC and the internet!We are in such a hurry!

  2. Nice cover page with the perfect background.

    Jyoti :)

  3. che bei lavori di quilling, brava passa da me www.metalfimo2.blogspot.com


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