Happy Birthday, Sis!

It's my younger sister Horsey's birthday today. I made her a flower girl.
Her birthday flower is horned poppy. So I quilled her a flower girl wearing yellow horned poppies. 
The meaning of horned poppy is 'patience'. I wish her patience in life until she realizes her dreams.

This is my first attempt quilling a 3D doll. She is 2 inches tall. Standard strips were used except for the flowers and leaves. For those, I used 1.5mm strips that I cut from the standard strips. And alternate side looping technique was used for the flower petals.


  1. Beautiful and look soooo serene.. keep up the work. Its fascinating.

  2. Very cute girl.....instead of card for birthday, a 3D doll would make a difference. It will be memorable gift.


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