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A friend called me up yesterday and told me that she discovered a paper craft which is pretty similar to quilling. She's a local newspaper journalist and she tries to discover and write on new and interesting ideas (she did an interview with me about quilling last year). She had just had an interview with the owner of the local business supplying materials for the craft. They are also teaching the craft for free at the moment in an effort to popularize it. Actually, another friend had earlier on showed me a few photos that she took of their crafts in one of their roadshows. She kept saying 'it looks alike to what you are doing'. Well, I should feel glad that at least my friends label me as 'quilling folk'. Haha.

A search on FB with the info given by my journalist friend leads me to their business page. And I found that they are hiring demonstrators at the moment.
These are some of the examples of things you can do (all the photos are taken from their business page):
Photo from 造纸龙手创馆 Paper Dragon ( Malaysia)

Photo from 造纸龙手创馆 Paper Dragon ( Malaysia)
I'm not sure what this craft is called in English. It is originated from Taiwan. The craft uses corrugated paper strips (standard size is 1cm wide) and a glue gun. A roll of the paper strip is normally 10m long. Basically it's rolling the paper strip into tight coil and shaping it to become a dome or grape roll shape and then you do all the 3D things you like (like in the case of quilling). The difference is just that it uses corrugated paper strips of bigger width (thus easier to roll) and instead of using craft glue, it uses a glue gun to secure the strips. I wonder if we crimp our quilling strips and do the same, could it produce similar outcome?

Here's a video demo on the craft. It's in Mandarin but I think by looking at the demo and with your quilling background it's not difficult to comprehend. Enjoy!


  1. Lovely and cute and the most important thing is that even children can do those toys-ornament!
    thank you for sharing!

  2. I've seen this at Boulevard Hypermart before. I forgot how much but I remember the label printed the word "quilling". I've also seen some of the qiillera from overseas quilled using currugated strips as well. But narrower. They have the tools to crumple the strips.

  3. So niceeeee:)Hope its called Crimped Quilling...Sometime back i had chance to see such type of quilling in a Russian Book..Though i lived in Taiwan for 4 yrs, i missed :(

  4. I had seen these creations before but never knew if they were quilling or not and where they came I know.They seem quicker to make with the large corrugated paper.

    thanks for the info....they are adorable and I think you could make similar creations with quilling strips and crimping.


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