Evergreen Love

A customer and a dear friend of mine is getting married next month. She wanted a quilled frame for herself and told me a couple weeks ago that 'I want a boy and a girl, with some romantic elements. And could you put our names on the frame too?'
Okay, I haven't actually quilled a boy before but I did quill a girl on card. So building up from there, I came up with these

The actual quilling and sticking-down-the-pieces process was less time consuming than I thought it would be. However, to come up with a simple yet 'lovable' design is really head cracking. And to turn the ideas into reality? Another head cracking process. Finally, this is how Amy & Johny looks like in actual scale, on a 5" x 7" frame! Amy & Johny are each about 1.5" tall! And I used alphabet stamps to stamp their names onto the frame.
The growing hearts symbolize 'evergreen love' and my wish to the wedding couple is to love one another forever and always.


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