Eugene Evseeva

This is another short post.

I first came across her work from an album shared by a Vietnamese quiller months back. And I just found out this morning that her name is Eugene Evseeva and she is possibly a Latvian. Her quilling especially those on human portraits is rather unique. My favourite is this
Quilling by Eugene Evseeva
I think it's the actress from the movie 'My fair lady' but I don't remember her name. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

A google search of her name on the web led me to this link:
And the above link will lead you to her gallery of quilling

Take a look, it's beautiful!


  1. Extraordinary piece of work,I love it !

  2. Wow! Amazing works, so beautiful I would love to stay and look for hours! Thanks a lot for sharing the links!

  3. oh cool, dear... love it too


  4. wow! beautiful!


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