Wedding Gown

A customer ordered for a PINK wedding card and this is what I came up with -

- a mermaid style wedding gown with swirly skirt details. The upper part of the gown (including the bling) is inspired by Cheryl's wedding dress. I love mermaid style wedding gowns but they could be a challenging choice in real life - either they bring out the best of you (your waistline, the curve of your hips, your long legs..) or they make you look as if you are wrapped up in a bath towel. Although I did not get to wear one on my own wedding (I was too short to wear a mermaid gown), it's fun quilling one. I feel like I'm a fashion designer!


  1. your Quilling is Beautiful
    happy Easter
    Greetings Baukje

  2. I am happy to inspire you :)

    This dress is still your own though and I love how you quilled the mermaid style. Awesome job

    have a great day

    1. thanks. your quilling has always been a source of inspiration. and I really love your card designs!

  3. Wonderful dress and card! You are a very creative fashion designer, for sure!


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