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I found an interesting link to quilling. It's the website of a company called "Sun & Moon". The company is a Vietnamese company which does quilling for business. Reading through the company history, it says the company founder first introduced quilling to Vietnam in 2003 after returning from America. The home page showcases many of Yulia's work but too bad I don't see any accreditation to her. Anyhow, click on the 'gallery' button and you'll be amazed by the quilling they do. Some of these quilling works are of Vietnamese style. They do quilling on boxes and cards. They also do 3D quilling, as well as quilled paintings etc. Personally, I think those quillwork are really superb. So if you by any chance get to visit Hanoi in Vietnam, go check out their quilling!

This is the link:  



  1. Thanks for sharing! I have visited that site and I said work!!!

  2. I agree with you Lulu. Their work is jaw dropping, in a very nice way. Very authentic, bringing their Vietnamese culture into life.


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