If you read my previous posts on sunflower girl and quilled sunflowers photo frame, you'll know I really love sunflowers. So once I saw Nati's lovely sunflowers, I couldn't help thinking of quilling one similar one sometime. And finally I get to do a simpler version of the sunflower for a friend as a token of appreciation. I do hope she'll like it when she discover it as I left it as a surprise for her to find out in her house.

I use a dogcomb to make the petals. My petals are a lot 'thinner' as I don't have the kind of patience that Nati has to band the petals. Haha. And judging from Nati's photo,I'm guessing she must have used a lot of quilling strips to produce the petals.

Anyway, happy weekend! Wish you lots of sunshine!


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