Quilled Pig

A customer made a special request for a Valentine's Day card with 'pig' for her boyfriend. I've never quilled a pig. So it's really a challenge. But it pushed me out of my comfort zone of quilling flowers etc to try on something different. I think the most difficult part for me is the snout as it's the most important part of a pig. I mean once you see the snout you'll know it's a pig. So if the snout fails, then it may look like something else. It took me quite sometime as I had to experiment a bit and finally came out with this

A 'gentlepig', haha! I'm glad she likes the card.

And there's another special order for a birthday card using an existing design that I have - a rocking horse. I made a similar card earlier for the birthday of a one-year-old boy.
With that, I wish each and everyone of you an early 'Happy Valentine's Day'! May you be blessed with lots of love in your daily life. ^_^


  1. both the pig and his snout are perfect. The rocking horse is adorable too.

    I love the special requests that get you to broaden what you do


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