Unconventional Quilling Comb

I have bought this for quite some time but haven't had the time to really sit down and give it a try. It's a comb that I got from a pet shop - yeah , you're rite, it's a dog comb! I wanted to try out the combing technique but am not willing to spend that much money to get a quilling comb, so somebody suggested the use of hair comb or dog comb. I tried to look for human hair comb at first but didn't come across anything with wide enough teeth or long enough teeth. It was when I went to buy some stuffs from a local petshop for my dogs that I came across this. Straight comb, 2 different teeth size, long enough, and wide enough... Perfect! (Well, maybe it's a little heavier if you are asking about the drawback).

This is the flower that I made using the comb. It could also be used to produce wheatears (like the green leave above). I'm not sure if combing is regarded as a 'genuine' quilling technique but frankly speaking I still prefer coils. I love to see the circles or lines. I think it's more 'delicate' in that way. But it's just me. How about you?


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