Lotus Flower

I decided to try out husking and eccentric coils and came up with this
The red mark on the lower right hand corner is actually my Chinese name carved onto a stone. It's sort of my name stamp. Normally you'll see this kind of name stamp on Chinese paintings or calligraphy works.
Close up and you can see my lotus flower is 'flat'. I tried to make the petals 'curled' up a bit so that it looks like a blooming lotus but couldn't. I'll have to work on that.


  1. Very Lovely colors and the eccentric coils look perfect


  2. what do you get a wonderful color and fantastic greatie tions I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  3. You are doing really well with your quilling, Lulu - I love this picture!

  4. This is first time for me. Thank you so much for your quilling. I didn't see before. I'll shire this art.
    you are welcome from Myanmar. "Ma Lu Lu" Means in Myanmar
    Ms Lu Lu.

    1. thanks Saw! I have been to Vietnam and Cambodia. Maybe someday I'll visit Myanmar too!


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