I think I'm addicted. I start seeing things in coils and circles. Whatever that comes into view, I'll try to work out in mind to see if they can be quilled. And my hands itch to try out all the new stuffs or pretty quill work that I come across. Even during my vacation few weeks ago, I was hunting for books about quilling or papercraft, and punches etc. All I think about now is how to coil and sometimes I stay up late to finish my quilling pieces. It's not wrong but it somehow affects my daily routine. Housework not done, and most importantly my mind is shifted from my priority -RESEARCH. I feel that I need to start disciplining myself. I should focus on finishing my labwork and then start writing my thesis. But perhaps I could allow myself to do a little bit of quilling over the weekends, as reward. So, I'll not blog as frequent here (hopefully). ^_^ 


  1. I know what you mean about seeing things in coils! Whenever I see designs, photos, furniture, beautiful things in nature, art, anything really, I think how I can make the designs with quilling!


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