Happy Graduation

My best pal recently just passed her PhD and she's now officially a 'Dr'. I decided to quill her something special and memorable as a gift. Initially I thought of making her a card but then I came across magnets with flat coloured cover at my mum's house, so it gave me an idea to come out with these
Those magnets measure 4cm x 4cm. First I wanted to quill her a round Tudor bonnet (that's what a PhD wears on the graduation ceremony) but then it looks funny so I gave up and did a mortarboard instead. I used 3mm strips for most of the quilling except for the tassel of the mortarboard which utilised 1.5mm strips. I'm very new to quilling, so although the designs are pretty simple, it took me an entire evening to quill and to figure out what goes best with what (I don't have a pattern to follow). But I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. 


  1. What a cute idea and I bet your friend appreciated the magnets. Thanks for visiting my blog and the information about the Borneo wildlife. What a wonderful, small world this is!


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