Claire Sun's Quilling Tutorials

I came across these useful tutorials on YouTube by Claire Sun-Ok Choi. Her technique is rather different. Instead of the slotted tool, she uses a needle tool, and most of the time only her fingers. Watching her quill especially the smooth movement of the fingers and listening to the background music is a relaxing thing to do.

Paper quilling basic shapes and techniques 1

Quilling shapes like Angled Marquis, Arrowhead

And how to fold rose? Instead of using a slotted tool, she uses the paper strip itself for grip.

She has a blog but it's written in Korean. But I enjoyed browsing through those pages to admire her craft work (picture speaks a thousand words). Her work gives me an impression of gentleness, femininity and harmony, as well as a feeling of classic. You can feel it from the colour combinations used, the designs and patterns etc.


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