Life is a Piece of Cake

I made this on a bad day when my experiment in lab didn't work out. I was kind of frustrated because I had been repeating the same experiment for weeks and I needed to get it done to move on to next level. Anyhow, I decided to give myself a break that day, to walk away from bench and went home earlier. So, I decided to do some quilling to cheer myself up...
... and also to remind myself that life is but a piece of cake! So, sit down and enjoy it!

p/s: Click for Box Template. Miyyah@Kertas did a tutorial on paper cake, click HERE. In my case, instead of manila card, I used half an A4 size of specialty paper and PVA to glue the paper box together. And I only made a single piece instead of an entire 12-pieces big cake.


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