Hunting for paper strips

I went to the local stationary + art store nearby my area this morning to grab a few additional items and tools for my quilling experiments to come. Also, I'm trying my luck to see if paper strips are sold there. I bought a big bottle of PVA glue, an A4 size cut mat, craft scissors that produce scallop pattern and a stainless steel blade cutter. I also got myself a 8 X 10' canvas board. I'm thinking of doing some flower patterns on the canvas someday, you know, when I get more comfortable and am better off with the coiling and scrolling techniques.

I was really surprised to see a quilling art piece with flower patterns hanging on the wall when I climbed the stairs to get to level 2 looking for PVA glue. Hmm, quilling is not that uncommon then. Maybe it was I alone that is ignorant of it? (You see, I'm not really the 'art and craft' kind of people.) Perhaps they do sell paper strips? So I went downstairs to ask the cashier. There, I saw on the rack, 3D quilled dolls. Wow, brighter chance they are selling paper strips then. But to my disappointment, they don't have it. The cashier told me, you have to buy papers and cut the strips yourself. Since I'm not a professional quiller who need to use up a lot of paper strips, I guess it's ok for me to cut my own strips, or I can always buy them online. =P


  1. That's too bad they didn't carry the strips. I used to cut my own strips. I just marked with a ruler on the top and bottom of the piece of paper, and then with the ruler between the two marks I'd cut with a steel blade (I used an exacto knife). They work just fine! Though I do admit once I started buying quilling strips I've never gone back to cutting my own. It's just SO much easier and then there is more time for quilling instead of spending so much time cutting strips!


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