First Quills

Ta-Daa! Paper Quilling Kit for Dummies-- my first ever quilling kit! It arrived safely yesterday. I bought it online last week from Honey's Quilling. The kit contains a slotted tool, circle sizer, some papers strips, cards and tags as well as a little booklet on quilling. Besides the kit, I also bought some extras- a needle tool and a pair of fine tip tweezers.

It costs me a little fortune (I have to save a bit before getting this) but as the Chinese proverb says 'He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools', in order to explore this craft, it's necessary to get the essential tools. Since there is no local craft store (to the best of my knowledge) in town that sells quilling tools, I had to purchase them online.

My first coils.... A loose coil and a marquise.
I curled a few coils using full length strips but they didn't expand after I released them from the slotted tool. Perhaps I had pressed a little too hard. And the quilling didn't work out as easy as I thought. It might seem easy on the video, but in my case, the paper edges were either not level, or that the coils were not 'smooth'. But practice makes perfect, so I'll keep practicing. =)  


  1. Good luck with your quilling, Lulu!

  2. hi..
    may i know..
    where can i get those quilling kit..?

  3. sery: I ordered it online frm Honey's Quilling, u can click on the link found on the right sidebar. Or u can also try the Soul Sister's shop.

  4. ohh..
    u really2 helped me..=)

  5. awesome, looks like you've made a great start! you're right, practice makes perfect! Soon you'll be a pro :) Thanks for sharing the link to my shop!


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