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I am an accredited quiller with the UK Quilling Guild. I offer classes and workshops from time-to-time. The latest announcements could be found on my FB page here

I could also arrange for a class/workshop at your convenience if you could gather the minimum number of participants required. Classes/ workshops can be conducted in either Mandarin, English or Malay. 

Please take note that the fees listed served only as a guideline - it depends also on the venue, how far I have to travel as well as the agreed structure of classes/ workshops. Please email me at or PM me at FB page to discuss further.  

Christmas Quilling Workshop
Classes/ Workshops For Groups:

"Intro to Quilling" Workshop

  • Last 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Groups of 6 and above
  • Introduction to quilling, basic quilling techniques, simple shapes and assembling of quilling pieces. 
  • Fee: RM 60 (inclusive of quilling tools and materials)

Quilling Beginner Class

  • A single session 2.5 - 3 hour class. 
  • Typical class size 2- 6 students to ensure better interaction and focused attention. 
  • Introduction to quilling, know your tools and materials, basic quilling shapes -coils and scrolls, freehand looping, assembling quilling pieces and a mini project.
  • Fee: RM 90 (inclusive of handouts, quilling tools and materials) 
Basic quilling techniques
Students with their mini project

 Quilling Techniques Class

  • Requires basic knowledge of quilling
  • A single session 3 - 4 hour class.
  • Typical class size 2-6 students

  • Techniques Class 1 - Wide and Dimensional Quilling: Intro to wide and dimensional quilling, techniques of making fringed flowers and variations, folded roses, 3-D quilling, and a mini project.
  • Techniques Class 2 - Looping, Husking, Combing and Others: Intro to looping, husking, combing and other techniques in quilling, working with husking patterns, quilling comb, freehand looping, and a mini project.
  • Techniques Class 3 - Contemporary On-edge Quilling, techniques of quillography, tips and tricks, a mini project.
  • Fee: RM 90-120 (inclusive of handouts and materials but NOT tools)   

Individual Tuition:

I can provide one-on-one quilling tuition either in a single session or over a series of meetings. The tuition could be structured to meet your individual requirements eg. to cover all basic quilling techniques, to master a particular more advance technique, or to work on a particular project. Please email or PM me to discuss further.


Organising a child's party, bridal shower, or even a product launching event? How about incorporating some quilling activities to add colours and fun to the memory? Email me at or PM me (here) to discuss further about it.


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